Countryside Funnies An alternative view of countryside living


Countryside funnies is all about bringing a smile to those who live amongst the trees, and more importantly to those who don’t. Being a wee bit quirky it is hoped that from the moment you hang one on your wall you will forever smile as you pass it by. Although our range is but twelve at this point in time we hope to increase this number at regular intervals. So if you do take a fancy to one or more be sure to check in at regular intervals for there might be another that tickles you.

Life has to have some lighter moments and this is our primary objective in this instance. I’m quite sure if animals, both wild and domestic, dealt in hard currency then they would be the first to purchase some of the pieces here.

From our wonderful artist Joseph Sheppard to our printers, framers and web team I would like to say a sincere thank you for being so patient. To the rest of you I just hope you enjoy some or all of the pictures below.